Saturday, September 3, 2016

8 Tips To Improve Cyber Security This Year!

 Cyber security has become really important aspect over last few years. We can always leverage cutting-edge technology to address to new threats. The new practices and human behaviour can lead to cyber crime free year or at least we can minimize the risks. Here are eight tips to secure your cyber footprints.

1. Cyber Hygiene

Majority of cyber attacks are attempts of failure of basic cyber hygiene such as patching vulnerable systems. You can apply basic cyber hygiene behaviours to mitigate majority of known attack vectors. Users can implement the cuticle basics and organisations can make productive use of limited resource to focus on more difficult cyber challenges.

2. Monitor Your Network

You need to maintain document of inventory and connections of your network. In case of organization, you can count and document the type of device, its location and assigned owner of IT assets. The assets include, computer setup, smartphones, thumb drives, printers, routers and servers. You can implement policy that requires users to create and maintain complete and accurate IT asset inventory.

3. Key Security Settings

You need to identify hardware and applications running in your business. The focus should be on operating systems as they are the key element behind every attack. You should research trusted and secure configuration for each type of hardware and application. Implementing key security settings can protect your system from basic fundamental attacks.

4. Control

As a head of hierarchy, you can implement the process to manage identities and credentials for authorized users. You can limit access to devices containing sensitive data. Associating facilities to authorized users, processes or devices is the best way of keeping tabs on who accesses your system. You can educate people in your organization about how to use their account credentials. Implementing a system that keeps log of access and usage can help you track cyber bullies.

5. Patch

Time to time patching of bugs and issues is best practice of maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems and information. You can review technology asset inventory of your organization and identify software operations on these assets. Reviewing patches, updates and revisions can protect you from third-party cyber attacks.

6. Repeat

Cyber security threats continue to evolve over time so, ultimately cyber security is ongoing process that requires constant updates. You need to repeat the security measures after equal interval of time. The repeat list should ensure that each cycle of individual priority has appropriately met and there is no fall or crack in cyber health maturity.

7. Human Factor

Even though we live in online era, human factor still plays great role in organisation’s cyber security. You cannot assume that everyone understands his individual responsibility when it comes to cyber security. Small amount of workforce doesn't believe that they are responsible for security of their networks. You need to train and educate your employees about the cyber hygiene and best practices. This is the only way you can improve organisation’s security in this year.

8. Collaboration

Regardless of size, cyber threats impact all businesses. The threats are pretty complex. The number of threats and severity is too high for any small workforce to handle. You need to use the power of collaborative energy to fight against cyber threats. 

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