Thursday, December 10, 2015

8 Facebook Tricks That You Must Know

Almost everybody has a Facebook account. The largest social network of the world hosts over a billion users. We consume Facebook to find the latest news or to keep in touch with friends. Today we have listed some tips to help you start using Facebook like a pro.

1. Save It Later

You can bookmark, links, posts, photos, videos and places with Facebook. The options to save these links to read later. The options are included under ‘More’ tab in Facebook mobile app. You can find these saved links in ‘Saved’ page on your Facebook profile.

2. Never Get Candy Crush Requests

Are you annoyed by number of Candy Crush requests you get on Facebook. There is a way to stay away from these annoying spam invites. Navigate to ‘More’ tab in Facebook mobile app > Settings > Account Settings > Notifications > Mobile and uncheck ‘Application Invites’.

3. Turn Your Profile Pic Into An Animated GIF

You can add cool animated effect to your profile picture on Facebook. Open Facebook mobile app, head to profile, select the profile picture and click ‘Take A New Profile Video’. You can upload a short video loop of yourself and publish it as an animated profile GIF. 

4. Turn Off Auto-Playing Videos

You can turn off auto playback of videos in your Facebook timeline. You can find an option under More tab in Facebook mobile app. Head to ‘More’ tab in Facebook mobile app, select ‘Videos and Photos’ and choose to auto play videos over just WiFi or never.

5. On This Day Feature

Facebook’s On This Day feature shows your activity on the same day from past years. This is a good way to take you back your memory lane. The social network also helps you hide the activities of certain people. The feature is by default activated. 

6. News Feed Preferences

If you don’t want to miss updates from certain people or pages, Facebook helps you do that. You can select them in Facebook mobile app. Head to Settings > More > News Feed Preferences. You can mark the people and pages that you want to see first. It adds little blue start next to their posts in your feed.

7. See What Your Profile Looks Like To Others

This is a handy feature that helps you see how your profile is visible to other people. If you are logged in Facebook on desktop website, head to your profile. Click the ellipsis next to Activity Log and select ‘View As…’

8. Hide Your Relationship Status

You can prevent relationship status from being seen by anyone except you. The update won’t show up in your friends News Feed. While editing your relationship status under ‘Family and Relationships’, change the privacy filter to ‘Only Me’.

4 Chrome Extensions To Get The Most Out Of Gmail

Gone are the days when Gmail was used to just send and receive emails. Google’s email service offers much more features than just sending/receiving emails. You can integrate multiple cloud storage, enable experimental plugins with Gmail. Today we have listed top 5 ways to get the most out of Gmail.

1. MailTrack

MailTrack lets you track if your email has been read. Users have got used to blue tick marks on WhatsApp that indicates your message have been read. MailTrack offers similar functionality via a Chrome extension. You can get free email tracking, desktop and email notifications and history. However, the tool adds ‘Sent with MailTrack’ signature to all your emails. You can upgrade to pro account to get rid of the sign. The pro version costs $3.50 per month.

2. Dmail

You can send ‘self destructing’ emails using Dmail. The tool is more like from a sci-fi movie. The message sent with Dmail gets automatically destructed after recipient has read it. Dmail is a Chrome extension. The tool is still in beta stage. After installing the extension, you will find Dmail toggle button in compose window of your Gmail. 

3. Mail2Cloud

Mail2Cloud is a free chrome extension that helps you schedule your emails. The extension adds a small button to your compose window. The button helps you set a date and time to schedule the sending of the email. This extension also offers Save & Share feature that helps you create PDF of an email and save it to your cloud storage. There are some additional features like, email tracking and self destruct, which makes this tool all-in-one solution.

4. Rapportive

Rapportive is a free Chrome extension that searches information like a photograph, alternate email, Twitter ID, LinkedIn profile and other publicly available information of a sender. The extension shows all this information where normally ads appear. This helps you get detailed information about the email sender. 

Top 5 Unique Apps For iPhone

Apart from the core features of Smartphone, we use number of apps in day to day usage. Everybody has their own favorite set of apps and games. Today we have listed 5 unique iPhone apps that you might like. 

1. Drop Messages

Drop Messages is an interesting app that lets you leave photos at locations you visit. Your social media followers can check out these photos when they visit the same location. The app also alerts if your followers are in the same area as you. The latest update to the app lets you follow specific location.

2. Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam is a GIF making app. The tool has suite of effects and multiple layer effects. Users can import images and videos to convert them in GIF.

3. Picpal

Picpal is a collage and chatting tool. You can create conversational collages using the app. The new update to the app lets you change your status ad photo. You can share these collages on other social media platforms as well. 

4. Red Dot Camera

Red Dot Camera is a camera app that offers manual focusing, shutter speed and ISO controls. The free version of the app adds watermark to the photographs. Users can upgrade to the premium version at just $2.99 and get rid of watermark.

5. Silly Snake

Silly Snake is a classic snake game with little modifications. You as a snake are supposed to capture fruits. You get only few seconds to capture the new fruit. The game restarts when you run out of time. 

10 Hardest Google Job Interview Questions

Google undoubtedly is one of the greatest company to work for. The tech giant is known for it’s state-of-the-art work culture. Google is also known for very strict job interview. The former candidates at Google have posted plenty of interview questions on Quora. We have listed top 10 hardest of all.

1. How Many Petrol Stations Are There In The Us?

2. How Much Should You Charge To Wash All The Windows In Seattle?

3. Design An Evacuation Plan For San Francisco.

4. How Many Times A Day Does A Clock’s Hands Overlap?

5. How Many Vacuum’s Are Made Per Year In Us?

6. Why Are Manhole Covers Round?

7. Estimate The Number Of Students Who Are College Seniors, Attend Four-Year Schools, And Graduate With A Job In The United States Every Year.

8. How Many Degrees Are There In The Angle Between The Hour And Minute Hands Of A Clock When The Time Is A Quarter Past Three?

9. You’re The Captain Of A Pirate Ship, And Your Crew Gets To Vote On How The Gold Is Divided Up. If Fewer Than Half Of The Pirates Agree With You, You Die. How Do You Recommend Apportioning The Gold In Such A Way That You Get A Good Share Of The Booty, But Still Survive?

10. How Many Piano Tuners Are There In The Entire World?

Source: TOI 

5 Hidden Tricks For Your Android Smartphone

Almost everyone uses a smartphone these days. The number of Android smartphone users is much higher as compared to iOS and Windows Phone. Although it is a very user friendly operating system, you can’t always find everything in the user manual. There are many hidden features in Android. .

1. Quick Access Notification Settings

Notifications can sometime be annoying. Sometimes you don’t want to see notifications from some particular apps. Android has solution for this problem. You can customize the notifications settings. Simply tap and hold on any notification in the drop down notification bar. Tap on the Setting icon next to the notification, it will take you to Notification Setting. You can adjust them or even turn them off.

2. High Contrast Text

People with weak vision can have a problem with reading the text on a smartphone display. You can make the text look more crisper and easy to read by turning on High Contrast. Simply head to Settings > Accessibility and you will find High Contrast Text option here.

3. Smart Lock

Google has introduced a new feature called Smart Lock in latest version of Android. Entering a security pattern or PIN to unlock the phone everytime becomes tedious job. Google has addressed to this exact issue by introducing Smart Lock options. You can set Smart Lock to keep the device unlocked at your trusted locations or even add a Bluetooth device as a trusted device to unlock it. Once you do this, your phone will not ask for a lock password when it detects the location or bluetooth device.

4. Custom Reject SMS

When you get a call during in an important meeting, you have to reject it. If the call was important, you send SMS to the person. Android by default shows a list of predefined messages to send while rejecting a call. You can remove or edit any of these pre-set messages. Go to Setting > Phone or open the dialer and access Phone settings. You will find ‘Reject with SMS’ option in this menu.

5. Increase Interface Speed

You need developer access to increase the interface speed of your device. Go to Setting > About Phone and tap 7 times on ‘Build Number’, this will enable Developer Option for your device. Now head to Developer Options and look for Window and Transition Animation scale. It is set to 1x by default, you can reduce it t 0.5x to improve the speed. You can even turn off the animation effects to further improve interface speed.