Monday, February 23, 2015

5 best cooking and recipe apps

Looking to rustle up something yummy and healthy, but clueless about kitchen basics? Fret not! There are plenty of apps on your smart phone to help you sail through... 

Big Oven 

- Category: Recipe; Available on: Android, iOS, Windows; Cost: Free 
With over 350,000 recipes and counting, this is one of the most popular recipe apps that home cooks can use. It was adjudged as one of the `Best Apps for Foodies', `Best Apps for New Moms', and `Best Apps for Eating In' by PC Magazine, TIME Magazine; The Huffington Post ranked this app as `Readers' Choice', `Best Recipe App' from 2011-2013.Big Oven helps cooks to find inspiration, and has recipes with ingredients that are n season. It also has recipes depending on lifestyle and diet choices. Other features include helping one get organised in the kitchen, making grocery lists, planning menus and using up leftovers.What more do you need? 

Lunch Box
- Category: Lunchbox recipes, Indian; Available on: Android; Cost: Paid for, in-app purchases 
This one is for all those with school-going kids. Packing a lunch box is nothing short of an uphill task, as children tend to be fussy about food. The Lunch Box app provides some tasty, filling and healthy ideas. One of the highest-rated apps (4.6), all the recipes in here have a preparation time of just 15-30 minutes. It also has various cuisines to choose from - Italian, North Indian, South Indian, Fusion etc., and gives you an option to `favourite' the recipes you try frequently. 

Simply Organic
- Category: Organic food; Available on: iOS; Cost: Free 
The Simply Organic app helps you learn how to cook over 1,000 natural, organic recipes. Making use of the high-resolution screen and gorgeous photography, this app is kept up-to-date with weekly specials, informative articles related to organic food, and has a fresh new take on traditional recipes too! What's more, the content is all user-generated, which means one gets to upload their o w n recipes on the app, with an option for tips and tricks. There is a weekly meal planner, which will save a lot of time. It also shows the nutritional value of each recipe. 

Snap Guide 
- Category: Kitchen hacks; Available on: iOS, Android; Cost: Free

Ranging from jewellery-making and tech to DIY clothing and of course, cooking, the Snap Guide operates on guides (both video and photos), useful tips and tricks and hacks that one can use to make cooking -and the cleaning up afterwards -easier and more organised. The guide has picture representations that will demonstrate how the hack works perfectly. They might not be sophisticated, but their utilitarian qualities are almost unmatched. Users also have the option of creating their own guides to useful hacks, across any category. 

The Photo Cookbook- Baking 
- Category: Dessert-Baking app; Available on: iOS; Cost: Paid 
This is a one-stop shop for all things you want to bake.The Photo Cookbook Baking app is divided into four chapters - Cakes & Traybakes, Pastries, Small Cakes and Cookies and Breads -making it easier for the user to plan. Additionally, each category has over a 100 recipes, which are displayed step-by-step, aided by high resolution photographs. The search function, option to add your own notes to various recipes to customise them and the ability to email to the user the list of ingredients needed, make this app popular even among amateurs. 

Celebrity chefs and their apps 

Celebrity chefs are not far behind when it comes to making their recipes accessible to a wide audience. The most popular among the top chefs are Jamie Oliver's (top) 20-Minute Meals - simply because the recipes are easy to follow and take very little time. Nigella Lawson may have only 10 videos and 100 recipes on her app Nigellissima, but the app is still popular among budding chefs and amateurs. Plus, the app has a voice control feature, which means you won't have to use your sticky fingers to scroll through the recipe while cooking! The bad boy of the culinary world, Gordon Ramsay, too has a popular app called Cook with Me. It has 56 recipes, each demonstrated with HD videos. 

7 iOS apps for developers on the go

Today’s developers need to be mobile to be efficient because problems don’t go away when you’re out of the office. This list of iOS apps promises to keep you connected and able to handle tasks regardless of where and when they come up.

iOS Apps for Developers
Developers don't always get to choose where and when things happen. Sometimes you're on the move when things need to be handled and that means using your tablet or smartphone to address issues. We've compiled this handy list of iOS apps that programmers and developers can add to their mobile "toolbox."

Evernote is probably the most well-known app on this list and for good reason. One such reason is because you can access your data on whatever mobile device you choose, whether you're mobile platform is iOS, Windows or Android. This note-taking app allows you to keep everything in one place and keep it organized at the same time, including documents, text, images and more. There is also a growing list of third party add-ons and apps that allow you to add a host of different content.
Upgrading to the premium version get you more storage (1 GB), offline notebooks and priority tech support.
Price: Free
Premium $5/monthly $45/annually

JavaScript Anywhere
JavaScript Anywhere has been around since 2010 and receives favorable reviews and comments around the Web. You can edit and execute JavaScript, HTML and CSS code from your iOS device and preview in them in the internal browser. JSAny, as it's also known, lets you import projects and you can connect it to your Dropbox accounts.
Price: Free

Whether you're trying to learn Python or you're an experienced developer who wants to use Python on your iPhone/iPad, Pythonista could be just what you're looking for. Designed by Ole Zorn, the creator of the app Editorial, this apps puts the full power of Python in your mobile device The newest version include support for the modules, numpy, matplotlib, ui and motion and an improved GUI for building user interfaces.
Price: $6.99

Prompt 2
Whether your server needs a reboot or you unexpectedly need to run a script, SSH on the road can save the day. Panic's Prompt 2 is one of several SSH tools available for iOS, but since its launch in 2011 this app has been picking up steam. It has Telnet support, VT100 capabilities, the capability to create server folders and more.
Prompt 2 offers several new features over the older version such as a new design, improved security, editable clips to allow one touch access to your most used commands and a way to securely sync your passwords, keys and servers across all your iOS devices.
Price: $9.99

Available for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, Textastic is a text editor much like Textmate. The app supports syntax highlighting for more than 80 markup and programming languages making it one of the more versatile editors available.
Price: $8.99

If you are paying attention to current events, it's become evident that privacy whether from the government or a marketing company has become big news and big business.TunnelBear is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that masks your IP, forming a secure connection with servers around the globe reducing your digital footprint and the amount of your data that is shared with social media. What people seem to like most about it is the simplicity; a simple on/off button suffices but the negative that comes with that is that there aren't a lot of advanced options available for different settings.
Free users are granted 500MBs of data each month. If you are willing to pony up the extra dough, you get unlimited data for $2.99 a month or $29.99 per year.
Price: Free
$2.99/Monthly $29.99/Annually

Working Copy
Git is an important destination for many developers, so being able to access repositories on the go only makes sense -- and now you can. Working Copy is an iOS 8 app allows developers access to Git repositories to clone, edit, commit and push to your hearts content. You can also work on repositories offline. And the best part about it is the price.
Price: Free

Mozilla Firefox 36 To Support HTTP/2 Protocol

 Mozilla has decided to support HTTP/2 protocol in its upcoming Firefox 36.0. The technology has been finalised as the next-generation HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) network protocol. The internet will adopt to the new protocol in near future. Mozilla had proposed to use HTTP/2.0 in upcoming Firefox few weeks ago. The decision was finalised on 17 February.

OpenLiteSpeed web server has decided to support HTTP/2 draft 16. Even Microsoft IIS web server will support the HTTP/2 protocol in upcoming Windows 10 OS. We can expect more and more technologies to adopt to HTTP/2 protocol in coming months.

Mozilla Firefox 36.0 is all set to release on 24 February. The latest browser will bring number of innovative features to the browser. Firefox 36.0 will introduce pinned tiles sync function. The native HTML5 YouTube playback will be much appreciated feature in the new browser. Newly designed preferences interface is enabled in the new browser. The flash protected-mode sandbox is disabled on Windows to evaluate the stability impact of protected mode. 

Firefox will no longer accept the insecure RC4 ciphers whenever possible. The support for ECMAScript 6 symbol data type has been added to the new version. Mozilla has implemented unicode range CSS descriptor in the new browser version. Users can create a new stacking context to isolate groups of boxes to control which to blend together in Firefox 36.0. You can expect more privacy features in this version of Firefox than ever before.

The major addition is full support for HTTP/2.0 protocol. This new protocol enables more faster, more capable and more responsible web browsing experience. The development release, version Beta 10 was announced on February 20. You can download the Mozilla Firefox 36.0 beta from here.

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS Released!

 Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS is available for download now. This is the second minor release to Trusty Tahr branch. The latest release brings number of small changes and security fixes. This new update removes the necessity of number of post-installation updates that you need to install after installing Ubuntu 14.04.2 ISO.

The new release brings latest hardware enablement stack that also includes Linux kernel 3.16. The updated kernel is quite stable, Linux 3.16 was introduced back in August 2014. The kernel was included in Ubuntu 14.10. The latest Ubuntu 14.04.2 also includes updated Xorg display server.

Ubuntu 14.04.2 comes with few new features too. It includes Kepler GPU support and many more small fixes to Btrfs. The latest release also brings support for DualShock 4 controller, which is an exciting new for gamers. The hardware enablement stack is automatically installed as you install Ubuntu 14.04.2 using installation drive. 

However, the new stack is not installed as default, it is an opt-in stack. You can always enable or disable it. If you prefer Xorg and older Linux kernel, you can stick to them. Ubuntu 14.04.2 fixes many known issues of Trusty Tahr branch. It improves support for may specific items of hardware that had issue in previous 14.04.1 release. The new release fixes upgrade issues and smoothens the future upgrades. 

The updated ISO is available, it includes fixes for some installation bugs too, most of these installation problems were hardware specific. 14.04.2 LTS releases are available for Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME and many more Ubuntu based distributions. Clickhere to download Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. 

Kubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (Trusty Tahr) Is Here!

  Kubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (Trusty Tahr) is finally out. The LTS flavour will support for five more years. Kubuntu follows the release and support cycle similar to Ubuntu. The distro will receive same kind of important patches and major Linux kernel updates. The latest version does not bring any new feature. 

Kubuntu 14.04.2 LTS still uses KDE SC 4.13 branch. The branch is no longer supported or maintained. In age of Plasma 5 desktop, Kubuntu sticking to such an old branch makes it little quirky and unattractive. The latest release brings important security patches.

Kubuntu hasn't released any official statement about this release. Linux experts have reported that this new rulers comes with the same old kernel that was implemented in Kubuntu 14.10. This old kernel does not support the latest Plasma. You have to stick to old KDE 4.13. 

If you are a power user and you want to try the latest Plasma desktop, there is no way that you can do that with the latest Kubuntu release. The old PPAs do not work in this release. You can expect the support in future releases of Kubuntu. You can try new Plasma only in Kubuntu 15.04.

The official announcement has some more details too. You an download the Kubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (Trusty Tahr) from here. The ISO contains new security fixes, you can easily upgrade to the latest version, if you are existing Kubuntu user.

Courtesy: Softpedia 

Samsung Hints Wireless Charging For Galaxy S6

Samsung is creating media buzz for its upcoming flagship, Samsung Galaxy S6. The company recently talked about the camera abilities of the smartphone. Now it has hinted wireless charging feature in Galaxy S6. Samsung is expected to launch the new Galaxy series flagship in this year. 

Samsung has posted a new blog post on Samsung Tomorrow that hints history of induction and Samsung’s efforts to cut down implementation cost of wireless charging module. Samsung states that, they are expecting huge growth in deployment of wireless charging in 2015. We will see number of wireless charging stations to support wireless charging technology in smart gadgets of new age. Samsung has also written that, users will discover a new wireless world with our upcoming Galaxy smartphones.

There have been many rumours about Samsung Galaxy S6. The device will come in two different variants namely, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The phone will sport ultra 13.46-cm (5.3-inch) 4K AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 4 protection. It might feature 64-bit Exynos 7420 or Snapdragon 810 processor along with 4 GB of RAM under the hood. Some reports claim that Samsung may drop the idea of Snapdragon 810 SoC because of overheating. There may be three sided display and easy to use 20 MP camera. 

Another report reveals that Samsung will launch 32 GB variant of Galaxy S6 will be priced at 749 euros which is approximately Rs 53,000 while, 64 GB will cost 849 euros (approx. Rs 62,000) and there will also be 128 GB version at 949 euros (approx. Rs 69,000). Samsung Galaxy S6 will support 4G LTE.

The wireless charging technology has evolved a lot over last few years. Initially wireless charging speed was only 20 to 30 per cent responsive as compared to wired but now it has been doubled. Users are demanding for simple wireless charging solution to charge multiple devices without carrying different chargers.