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7 Websites And Apps To Help Students Avoid Distractions

Student life is not easy as there are lots of distractions around in the form of Twitter, SnapChat and CandyCrush. But the online world not only distracts students from studying but also helps them in gaining additional knowledge. There are some apps which help students study and also stay on track. Here are seven such websites and apps for students which they can use while studying:

1. Wakerupper

It's not an app but a phone-call which can wake you up on your exam day or if you are setting up a reminder. You can enable the snooze button to make sure you get up early on the day of your exam and you can also put a reminder on what has to be done in the immediate future.

2. Lighthead

Students, these days, mostly prefer online available study material, rather than purchasing them. They don't even take the print-outs to save trees and read the material on computers. But while reading if the keys or the mouse are not touched for a long time, then the laptop falls asleep. With this app your laptop will never feel sleepy while you are busy studying. It's for Mac users only

3. Self-Control

When you are studying, you can avoid distracting websites with the help of this app. This app, exclusively for Mac users, blocks some websites and apps like Twitter, Facebook and some others which distract students while studying. It increases students' productivity too.

4. ColdTurkey

This is a Windows app which blocks social media and games so that no distraction takes place during studying. This app has also introduced a new feature which blocks certain groups of websites too.

5. Positive Reinforecement

With this app, you can type a paper or an essay and once you complete every one hundred words, you are reinforced positively. Positive reinforcement, in this case, signifies pictures of kitten, bunny and puppy. Well yes, nobody can actually hate such cute pictures.

6. Negative Reinforcement

It acts in the opposite way to the previous one. It sets the time-limit by which you are supposed to complete your writing. If you are not able to reach the given word-limit within the time-frame, then you are gifted with a scary image, which you will obviously want to avoid.

7. Hemingway Editor

It does all the cleaning job for you. It highlights those parts which are supposed to be changed and help you make the necessary modifications. It doesn't highlight grammar errors but it notifies you about long sentences which need to be split up and which words have been wrongly placed.

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Seek Attention On LinkedIn in 8 Ways

 Having a good profile on LinkedIn is a very good chance and opportunity to attract various jobs. In this highly competitive world, everyone is quite conscious about professional profile, especially the one displayed online. Here are a few points to get yourself known and wanted on this site.

1. Professional headline 

The professional headline is the immediate next thing that people may observe after your name and your photograph. So, don’t be too obvious or state your need/job directly. Be more dedicated and state your goal, where you want to head next.

2. Photos 

This is the first thing, along with name which is observed keenly. It better be simple and decent with true expressions radiating genuine feelings.

3. Summary 

Summary is the best column to type in all your interests and achievements. You can also be a little personal and describe the things you’re good in and the reason behind it. Usually people make CVs and Resumes which does not any chance to mention the above. To supplement, add all your awards you’ve won and the projects you have worked on or currently working on.

4. Description of jobs and positions 

You got to describe very well stating all the facts. The kind of job you are in need of and the position you wish to stand upon. Use tool like that will create a word cloud and make the term appear the most. The choice of the words should be chosen very wisely and effectively. Sometimes people are usually missed in the searches because they may be unemployed or are not sure of what to enter in this particular field. You can always type “seeking a new opportunity” or “making a career change”, so that you won’t be missed out by any way.

5. Skills 

This is a factor which helps you build your image as you want yourself to be known as. Mention all the skills necessary for you to get a particular job and keep the list updated. The list can start from basic skills like management and training to great and difficult ones like master in computer languages and so on.

6. Connections 

Connections can lead you to various places and make wonders. You should always be rich in case of making connections with the right people. Also don’t forget to connect with your past and present contacts. The recruiters should feel that you are less known or afraid to get connected. Make LinkedIn search you your contacts to save time and energy.

7. Recommendations 

Reciprocating to someone’s statement, immediately makes you gain the attention of that person. Giving recommendations is also a very important part in making a good profile. Give your true opinion and advice. Be truly genuine and interested in giving up your advice and the person will get impressed in no time.

8. Groups 

Same like the old English proverb, you are known by the company or group you keep or live in. Join the groups reflecting the people searching for same kind of job and be active. Along with writing comments and putting forth your point of view, also make people feel your personal side. This will make them eager to meet you and hire you. Make a personality of yours reflecting ideas and various different concepts, which will make you more susceptible for the required job.   

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Top 10 AngularJS Tools For Developers

 Many web developers use AngularJS framework for creating dynamic views in web-application. The framework is quite user-friendly and lets you use HTML as template language. There are number of tools, frameworks and modules available for AngularJS to simplify your front-end development. Today we have listed top 10 AngularJS tools to ease your development task.

1. Karma

Karma is designed to bring productive testing environment for developers. You can execute your JavaScript code in multiple real browsers and test your code simultaneously using Karma. Karma is great testing tool too. You can test your code on real browser, phones, tablets. You can run PhantomJS instance and Karma will run all the tests from your IDE using WebStorm plugin on Chrome.

2. Djangular

This is reusable application that is better example of AngularJS integration. The app lets you create AngularJS content per app. You can easily create apps per site using Djangular. The tool is designed to create consistent strcture across all Django apps.

3. Jasmine

This is a Behavior Driven Development testing framework for JavaScript. The tool is designed for websites, Node.js projects and any other project that supports JavaScript. The tool does not rely on browser, DOM or any third party framework.

4. is widget based tool for AngularJS. This tool is not dependent on jQuery. accepts selectable text input and ngModel. If user enters sequence of characters with trigger action, this shows typeahead menu. is designed to offer @mentions and macros widget based on AngularJS.

5. Protractor

Protractor is end test framework for AngularJS applications. This tool runs tests against applications in real-browser. The app can automatically execute the next step in your test as the webpage finishes pending tasks. You can totally rely on this tool for your tests. 

6. Angular Kickstart

This tool accelerates the development of your AngularJS project. The tool combines AngularJS, GulpJS and Bower. You can reuse your code and its modular structure using Angular Kickstart.

7. AngularFire

This tool helps you in building back-end for your Angular application. Angular Fire offers flexible API, 3-way data binding and rapid development tools. The API offered by Angular Fire supports both implicit and explicit sync depending upon use-case.

8. Mocha.js

This feature-rich test framework is based on Node.js and browser. This tool runs asynchronous tests in serial way. You can obtain detailed report very easily. Developers can use Mocha.js to correct test cases while mapping uncaught exceptions.

9. Videogular

As the name suggests, Videogular is HTML5 video game player for AngularJS. This tool brings bindable properties and API for development. Videogular offers fullscreen and mobile support.

10. Angular Batarang

Angular Batarang is extended Chrome extension used for debugging Angular applications. This tool inspects your app, model and performance. You can even control inspection and customize whether to show the apps, bindings or scopes using Batarang. This is a great profiling tool for AngularJS.


8 Best JavaScript IDEs And Code Editors

Web development and design have been trending IT sectors for quite a while now. More number of people are finding their career opportunities in web development. Web development or design are not very easy things. It requires strong mindset and skills to find the right job for web developers. JavaScript is popularly used for front-end development these days. 

There are various tools available for web designers and developers that ease their efforts. Developers need to have excellent skills to work with different platforms, IDEs and various other tools. IDE is powerful client application for creating and deploying applications. IDEs are used for various languages for number of different purposes. Today we have listed best IDEs for JavaScript developers.

1. Spket

This is a powerful JavaScript and XML toolkit. You can use Spket IDE for JavaScript, XUL, XBL and Yahoo widget development. This JS editor offers number of features. You can use this IDE for code completion, syntax highlighting and content outlining. 

2. Ixedit

This is neat and simple interaction design tool for web. Designers can practice DOM-scripting without any coding knowledge using Ixedit. Ixedit offers functions to change, add, move or transform elements on your web page.

3. Komodo Edit

Komodo is a powerful code editor for JavaScript and similar web front-end development languages. You can use this tool for free.

4. EpicEditor

EpicEditor can be used for editing JavaScript code. You can use this tool as an embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor. The tool features options such as split fullscreen editing, live previewing, automatic draft saving, offline support etc. Developers can use the robust API to customize the tool in a way that they want. 

5. CodePress

CodePress is real-time syntax highlighting editor tool for JavaScript. The tool offers real-time syntax highlighting, code snippets, auto completion, shortcuts and multiple windows. The free tool is highly customizable.

6. ACe

Ace is embedded code editor for JavaScript programming. The tool offers similar features and performance as native editors like Sublime, Vim and TextMate. The great feature of Ace is that, it can be easily integrated within any web page or JS application.

7. Scripted

This is a lightweight code editor. The tool is browser based and hence doesn’t require any specific hardware. Scripted is served from local Node.js server instance. The tool is specially designed for JavaScript editing

8. Netbeans

This is another example of impressive and user-friendly JavaScript code editor. This tool can be used to edit JS as well as PHP codes. The tool has smart features like auto completion, full-screen editing and offline support. 


Making More Out Of Autoblogs – Exploiting Possibilities For Visitors and Money

Well, Autoblog is Simply against the Flow in a River. We can be a Paper Boat which goes to somewhere with the Flow or We can be Fishes which flow against and reach the destination. So lets become a Fish In Autoblogging which makes possibilities out of nowhere and exploits it.For those who don't know anything other than simply make an Autoblog and Cry saying no visitors can follow up from here :

1. Webmaster Tools : Make use of the Official to host the Duplicates :D. Simply use Google Webmaster tools and Tweak it perfect to suit your Autoblog.
  • Visitor Preference Set To All Countries!
  • Crawl Rate Set to Maximum.
  • At least One Full Sitemap.
2. RSS  Pingers : Ping o matic and similar things should be sure made into use to give some grasp of our blog to the outsiders.
3. Blog Post Directories : Try out Zimbio  And similar stuffs and constantly Ping the blog and Post the article into the correct and perfect section matching our post content to give out maximum exposure.
4. Easy And Lightweight Backlinks : Simply get some Backlinks! And The most helpful and the easiest way of getting some backlinks, (Not of Huge PR anyways) is here:
  • Open Google
  • Simply Search for Website Worth , Site Worth Calculator, Website Worth Calculator and similar keywords.
  • Open all websites in tabs which stay in the first 2 pages.
  • Simply add your URL and Submit.
  • They will give you a Worth Card, but we don't want that, but the backlinks they Give.
  • Thats it! Try it Out!
So This is the End. If you can Do much more than this, or is doing much more than this currently, Why the Heck do you do AutoBlogging rather than adding up your own content? Do Autoblog only if you cant Work Much.  Its not worth to spend hours for on Autoblogs since we can predict if it will rise up to your Expectation.