Saturday, September 3, 2016

8 Tips To Crack A Coding Interview!

IT jobs are hot right now. The IT sector has number of new job openings. Programmers and software developers are going to have tons of new job opportunities in this year. Cracking the job interview is most difficult part of hiring process. The coding interview can be nightmare for candidates. Here are eight things that you need to know if you want to crack the coding interview.

1. How To Code Algorithms

If you are applying for job of software engineer, it is obvious that you need to know how to code. Writing day-to-day coding scripts is little different than coding an algorithm to solve software problem. Hiring team might ask questions like, ‘Write an algorithm to find an element in a linked list and move that element to the end of that list.’ A candidate must know how to program algorithms.

If you have little knowledge of data structures and how to implement different kind of algorithms, this should be easy thing for you. You can find plenty of resources online that can get you started. If you practice good enough to be able write code to sort an array then, you should be able to face interview.

2. Code Without Tools

Programmers are well-used to number of tools, emulators, IDEs, frameworks that make the programing task much more easier. Java programmers prefer IntelliJ or Eclipse to avoid using plugins. While, Node.js developers dont need any IDE, they can use simple text to program. IDEs are powerful but when you go for an interview, hiring team might tell you to write the code without any tool. If you practice sketching out code without any framework and tools, you may be able to easily chalk it out during interview.

3. Have A Portfolio

Having programing portfolio ads value to your resume. You should have coded something in past while going to an interview. Hiring team is more likely to hire the candidate with some background than a blank slate. If you do not have any portfolio, you need not worry too much. You can slowly start building your portfolio. You can build mobile apps and deploy them on app stores. If you are interested in open source, you can build the code and put it on GitHub. You can also contribute to existing open source projects.

4. Think Out Loud

When an interviewer asks a question, think out loud. Think the right path to address to the problem. You must now scratch your head or making the confused face. No matter how awkward, uncomfortable you feel, try to think the way to solve the problem. Whatever you are thinking, talk it out. When you are trying to solve the problem given by interviewer, talk through it. It will add bonus points to your performance.

5. Don’t Argue, Blame Or Make Excuses

Some candidates have habit to argue to prove the point. If you dont know the answer to the question, you should simply tell that. There is no point in arguing over anything. If you dont know the answer to specific question asked by the interviewer, don’t be like, ‘You didn't ask me it right!” Don’t start blaming your university professor for not teaching that part. It is very bad sign to make excuses like you are not feeling well etc. Take responsibility of your own actions and simply say, “I don’t know the answer.”

6. Don’t Give Up

Interviewer is going to ask hard questions on purpose. He wants to test your ability to face the most difficult situations. If interviewer is throwing most difficult questions that you havent even heard of. Don’t drop your sword. Try a little, a little more. Hiring team will respect you more if you try hard. No company wants an employee who whines about how hard something really is! Don’t give up, keep trying to answer.

7. Test Your Code

No code is perfect. There could be some changes that you might need to make in future while integrating some new feature in the app. You must make your code look like you have given your most to it while programming. Programmers judge other programmers by some standards. So, pretend like your code may have some errors and test it through before telling interviewer that you are done with the coding. As a programmer, it is very important that you test every line of code that you write.

8. Feedback

When you build a product, you build along with your client or end user. Even though it is hard to achieve the epic level of perfection. It doesn't hurt to ask interviewer about his opinion on your code. Some people might think it is irrelevant but, you will make interviewer feel important in this way. Ask for interviewer’s feedback. Specially when you don’t know the answer to the problem, you must ask their opinion on your code. This will show your interest in learning and ability to understand the code. 

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