Thursday, February 25, 2016

5 Browsers and Apps That Will Help You Reduce Data Usage

Netflix is finally available in India. Television lovers were eagerly waiting for this one product since quite long time. However there are two major issues that need to be addressed. The company as well consumers will be affected by poor bandwidth and high data cost. On an average, one-hour long HD Netflix video takes up to 2 GB of data. However there are some browser extensions and lightweight apps that can reduce your data consumption and yet let you enjoy videos.

1. Opera Max - Android-based data management app

Opera Max (Android-based data management app) claims to reduce up to 60% of your data on all apps on the phone. It also streams videos on apps like Netflix and YouTube. Opera claims that you can watch an hour of Netflix video by consuming 150MB of data instead of usual 250MB. You can block access to mobile network and force Netflix to stream videos only when on WiFi.

2. Opera Mini - iOS

iPhone and iPad users can opt for Opera Mini browser. The browser helps you reduce your data consumption to up to 60%. The data saving mode also works while streaming videos on the device. Opera Mini is also available for Android smartphones. This lightweight browser is known for performance.

3. UC Browser - Android & iOS

UC Browser offers up to 80% of data saving on both Android and iOS. The company claims 20% faster browsing experience. All the data is routed through its cloud servers. The browser is quite popular on both Android and iOS. 

4. Google Chrome - Android & iOS

Google Chrome for mobile has a feature that helps you save data. You can turn on this preloaded data compression engine in Chrome. Although the browser doesn’t offer as high data saving as Opera and UC Browser but, it’s still good enough. The feature is turned on by default in Android however, iPhone and iPad users need to turn it on by going to (Options > Settings > Bandwidth > Data Saver).

5. Google Chrome Data Saver Beta - PC

Chrome browser for desktop also offers data compression technology. You nee dot use an extension created by Google. The extension is available in Chrome store. However, this extension is still in beta stage. Users have reported that this feature helped them reduce 10% of data. Chrome is working on an engine that will help users save up to 70% of data. 

5 Google Chrome Extensions To Boost Your Productivity

Chrome is known for it’s simplicity and easy to use interface. The browser can do much more than just internet browsing. The robust platform supports numerous plugins and extensions. You can check your internet banking and even shop online while surfing the web. Today we have listed top 5 Chrome Extensions to boost your work productivity.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a spell and plagiarism checker tool. The Chrome extension will help you with your grammatical and spelling errors as you are typing. The extension is smart enough to give relevant suggestions as well.

2. Pocket

The popular read-it-later tool, Pocket has their own extension for Google Chrome. You can bookmark the links and read them later. It is as easy as bookmarking a webpage. The best part is, it can be accessed from anywhere. Pocket has cross-platform presence. You can clip the link on Chrome extension and read it from Android or iOS app.

3. Mail Checker Extension

Google’s Mail Checker extension is a smart tool that alerts you when you receive an email. You need to configure your Gmail account with the extension. It is a great way to get notified about your emails.

4. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a life-saver tool that blocks pop ups and ads. The extension adds a small button next to the URL bar which reads the count of how many ads you have blocked. An interesting feature is, it also blocks annoying ads on YouTube. You can flawlessly enjoy the video content without ads.

5. OneTab

OneTab extension replaces your existing tabs in Chrome. It is a great way to deal with multiple tabs in Chrome. The single OneTab shows a table of content for your open Chrome tabs. You can even open all the tabs at once. The extension intelligently saves the cached data of the tabs, you can select ‘Restore All’ to take yourself back to where you were. OneTab reduces the amount of system memory that Chrome consumes. 

8 Things Sundar Pichai Said At Google For India Event

 Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai is on India tour. This is his first overseas trip after he stepped up as a CEO of search engine giant. Pichai and some of the top executives from YouTube and Google have made exciting announcements for company’s plans for India. 

1. 100 WiFi Stations

Google wants to bring free internet connectivity to India. The company has plans to setup WiFi stations at 100 railway stations across the country by next year. Google will be working with Indian Railway’s telecom wing, RailTel in setting up WiFi facility. Govt of India has signed an agreement with Google to provide WiFi facility at 400 stations across the country. 

2. Google is Hiring

Google is looking to hire smart people in their Bangalore and Hyderabad offices.

3. New Campus in Hyderabad

Google India is building a new huge campus in Hyderabad. This campus will be powered with new capabilities.

4. 2 Million Developers

Google wants to see more number of developers coming out of India. The company is partnering with National Skill Development Council to train over 2 million developers in India.

5. Internet for All

Google is coming up with a rural internal programme. The pilot project will be floated in 300,000 villages in India. Google understands the importance of internet and it’s critical need to spread across rural India. 

6. Bicycle for women

Google is working towards helping women to get online. The company has projected to help women from over 3 lakh villages across India to get online. The ‘bicycle for women’ program will go live nationally from coming year.

7. Project Loon

Project Loon will be an easiest way to spread the reach of Internet. It is a project to provide internet connectivity using balloons. Google has already tested this technology in New Zealand, California and Brazil. Each balloon can prove connectivity to ground area of 40 km diameter using LTE technology. 

8. Android Users

India has been an important market for Android. The penetration of Android smartphones in India will surpass the same in US by 2016.