Sunday, February 28, 2016

5 Things No One Tells You About Working At Google

 Google is known for having a great working culture. The company has large number of employees. The number has grown from 6,000 to 60,000 in just eight years. Google has won many awards for best employment practices. Google has become the most desirable place to work due to its management strategies. Today we have listed 5 things you may not have heard about working at Google.

1. Hiring committee

Most of the people in hiring committee are biased. They make decision in first 10 seconds of an interview. First impression of candidate defines most of the things about an interview. Google’s hiring committee has lot of responsibilities. Their sole focus is to maintain the quality. Hiring committee at Google is an independent body.

2. Brain teasers

Google has reputation of asking brain teasers during a job interview. Candidates are forced to think out of the box to answer to these brain teasers. Hiring committee has designed very intelligent case questions and brain teasers that tests various abilities of candidate. Best part is, there is no correlation between an ability to answer and bagging the job seat.

3. Managers don’t have powers

Google believes that best people need not be managed. In Google, managers don’t have all the power. Everybody is supposed to do their assigned/chosen work. Managers don’t get involved in all kinds of tasks. They believe that they have hired the best people for the job.

4. Focus on small things

Google pays very keen attention to minute details. People at Google are taught to master one particular skill, get immediate feedback and repeat the same in course direction. These kind of initiatives have helped Google in figuring out the kind of skills people need to practice on.

5. Pay isn’t fair

Many enthusiast candidates expect that Google will offer big fat salary check but, that is not the real case. It has happened in Google before that, an employee receives a stock award of $10,000. On the other hand, the employee in same job role received a stock award of $1 million. The talent doesn’t follow the equal distribution. Rather, the talent follows proportional distribution.

Top 5 Worst Apps Of All Time

Mobile apps have transformed our lifestyle and way of living. Every smartphone users installs dozens of apps. Each of these apps have some or other new feature to smartphone device. However, there are few apps that can be rated as worst apps of all time. Let’s take a look.

1. Peeple

Peeple was center of controversy, the app lets users rate human beings like hotels. The app received lot of media attention for wrong reasons. 

2. I Am Important

I Am Important is an iPhone app which was released back in 2011. The app creates fake contacts and diary events to make you feel important. The app also asks questions about your day, schedule. It’s a silly concept that lets users live in dreamland.

3. Will You Marry Me?

The app has crazy guide on how to propose a girl for marriage. The content in the app is way beyond sanity. It has received some nasty reviews on app store.

4. Send Me To Heaven

This is a little game that records how high you throw your phone. The global leaderboard is created based on highest throws. There is a good chance that you will not be able to record your score if your phone lands at unforgivable surface. The app is removed by Apple but, it is still available for Android devices.

5. Tweetpee

Huggies Tweetpee is an IoT concept, it consists of a sensor that you can attach to child’s nappie. The sensor will send data to server, which sends tweet to new parent when child urinates. The parent is given an option to immediately retweet. Although the product concept is unique and useful to new parent, the tweeting part is gross. No-one wants to know when and how much your child has peed. 

5 Things To Consider While Buying WiFi Router

Everybody is moving to the next generation Wireless Internet in home and office. You can share the home or office broadband wirelessly using WiFi router. There is a wide range of WiFi routers available out there, which nothing but adds more confusion. We have listed 5 things that you must check while buying WiFi router.

1. Connection Type

The type of router varies depending upon the type of internet connection you have. If you re subscribed to telephone internet connection like BSNL or MTNL, then you need ADSL router. The hardware in the router differs from connection to connection. If your ISP is a local cable internet service provider then, you need non-ADSL router.

2. The Standard

All new routers support 802.11ac standard. The ac interprets that, it boasts data transfer speed up to three times faster than older 802.11n. Some routers support 2.4GHz band while some support 5GHz frequency band. 5GHz offers better network performance for file transfer and media content streaming. All latest 802.11ac routers are backward compatible with ’n’ standard so, your older devices can work without any hassle.

3. Dual Band

802.11n standard routers offer 2.4GHz band frequency. Microwave, cordless phones and bluetooth devices operate in same frequency spectrum. If you have too many devices at home or office, this can lead to congestion and reduce signal strength. In such cases, it is advisable to use dual-band router that supports 5GHz band. Devices that are compatible with 5GHz can connect to it while, rest devices can operate on 2.4GHz.

4. USB Port

Routers with USB port are compatible with flash drives and printer. This lets you share USB compatible resources over the network. This can be a great value add function in work environment. These are very important function in small offices. Some USB compatible routers are also compatible with 3G data dongles. However, only some specific brands of USB dongles are supported.

5. Multiple Antennas

This is very important factor that determines signal strength of WiFi network in your home or office. Having multiple antennas help in increasing overall range of your router. It is ideal for environment where there are multiple walls and glass doors in home or office.