Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account

 Facebook has evolved as a cresting social network over last 10 years. The social network helps you keep in touch with your friends and family. We all keep feeding Facebook with our thoughts and memories. Everybody’s Facebook profile is full of personal information. We share them without a second thought about security. The platform keeps pushing security protocols. Social media can offer genuine benefits but at the same time, it may be using your personal information for wrong reasons. Today we have listed 5 reasons why you should quite Facebook.

It wastes your time

The estimated average use of Facebook in a day is 17 minutes per day. This average usage differs depending upon age group, demographic information etc. More engaged users spend at least an hour per day on the social network. The study shows that, each user posts some or other content for 150 days in a year. It’s high time that you think about how long you spend on the site and what other productive use you can do in the same time.

Facebook uses you to sell stuff

Facebook manipulated posts on over 689,000 accounts 2012. This was supposed to be Facebook’s experiment to improve their content results and user engagement but, it was done without any consent from the user. Skeptics think that, the experiment was done to find out the monetary benefits that the site can have from users.

Targets you with advertisements

Most websites have embedded cookies and Facebook smartly utilizes the data collected by cookies to target you with relevant ads. But, it gets annoying when your timeline is full of advertisements related to something you had searched six months ago. Many users have reported that they are annoyed by number of ads and promoted posts in their timeline these days.

It’s bad for your health

Studies show that, spending excessive time on social networking site can do you a major harm. It impacts your immune system, it inhibits the release of growth hormones and even impair digestion, vision. Excessive usage of Facebook can limit your thinking and kill creativity. It affects sleep patterns and happiness.


According to a study, most users don’t really care about their privacy. Facebook houses nearly 1.2 billion users. It’s a big amount of user data that Facebook houses. There is good probability that your account will be hacked by someone with ill intentions. Facebook keeps pushing new privacy policies and norms but, very small chuck of users update their privacy settings. 

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows just turned 30 on this November 20. The platform was announced in 1983. The 30 year old platform was announced by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in 1983. Windows operating system platform holds 75% of desktop OS market share. Today we have listed 5 interesting facts about Windows.

1. Bill Gates Wanted To Call Windows As Interface Manager

Bill Gates had planned to name the OS as ‘Interface Manager’. The name ‘Windows’ is evolved from the concept of boxes or computing windows.

2. Windows 1.0 Apps

Gates termed Windows 1.0 as a ‘unique software designed for the serious PC user’. Windows 1.0 had bundled apps of point and click to access programs. The platform includes applications like Paint, Calculator, Cardfile, Notepad and word processor.

3. Less Than 1 MB Size

Windows 1.0 had a 16-bit interface, which was less than 1 MB in size. The platform required 256 KB of size, two double sided floppy disk drive and graphics adapter card.

4.First Press Kit

Microsoft’s first press kit contained Squeegee (Window Washer) and a wash cloth. The press kit was distributed at the launch of Windows 1.0.

5. World’s Top Software Company

The company made records of sales. By 1988, Microsoft became the largest PC software company in the world. Windows contributed a lot towards this success of Microsoft.

6. First Pure 32-Bit Version Windows

Microsoft developed Windows NT for users and businesses that needed advance capabilities. Microsoft NT was originally called ‘Portable Systems’ group.

7. Windows Start Menu

Windows 95 was equipped with number of revolutionary features. The platform had significant advantage over Windows 3.1. Some of the popular Windows features like Start Menu, Taskbar and Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons were first introduced in Windows 95.

8. Flight Simulator

Microsoft released a Flight Simulator for Windows 95 in 1996. The simulator was made available for Windows for the first time in 14-year history of Microsoft.

9. Last MS-DOS

Microsoft launched Windows 98 on June 25, 1998. The platform was developed for consumers. It was the last version of Windows based on MS-DOS.

10. Successful Windows Version

Microsoft announced Windows XP in October, 2001. The software was the best selling product by Microsoft. It compiled from 45 million lines of code. XP was based on Windows 95 Kernel and it had same friendly interface with few improved applications.

13 Run Prompt Shortcuts That You Must Know

Run prompt can be used to run any program on computer. You can include any one path directory and hit enter. There are several programs that you might need to open quite often. Some programs can be opened by using a short command.

cmd: Opens the Command Prompt.

explorer: Opens File Explorer window.

msconfig: This lets you access System Configuration window.

regedit: Opens Registry Editor.

Apart from these, you can use Run prompt to access various management consoles. This will enable you to customize and maintain your Windows system.

devmgmt.msc: You can configure devices and hardware using this command. The console will help you disable device, update drivers and troubleshoot issues.

diskmgmt.msc: Disk management console helps you manage disk volumes, create and resize partitions.

perfmon.msc: Performance monitor is often of a great use. This enables you to monitor memory usage, hard disk and RAM usage.

services.msc: Windows system uses various services in background. This console will help you configure these system services. You can disable, start, stop and restart these services. 

%AppData% will open up the Application Data directory for current account. You can access application related settings, configuration and data from this directory. The percent sign works across any other Windows environment variable to open other location on your drive.

%HomePath%: This opens home directory under C:\Users

%ProgramFiles%: This command will let you access Program Files directory.

%WinDir%: You can access C:\Windows Directory using this command.

%Temp%: This command will let you access Temporary files directory on the PC. The command is often used to clear temporary files cache.
 Run application on Windows desktop platform opens up whole new world of instant-access. The Run prompt can save lot of times and headache. You can instantly open number of directories and applications using Run prompt.