Monday, February 29, 2016

Top 5 Free Apps For Videography Enthusiasts

The number of smartphone users in India is massive and it’s growing everyday. Shooting a high definition movie clip has become quite easy these days. You can simply pull out a smartphone form your pocket and hit record button. Many power users are publishing interesting videos on YouTube. The platform has empowered videography to a new extent. Today we have listed some free apps that can help you nurture your videography skills

1. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a powerful tool that helps you split and trim clips, merge videos and also apply some effects to the video. You can apply filters, transitions, stickers and music to the video. The tool helps you choose from 60 live effects. You can preview all these effects immediately after applying. VivaVideo lets you save and share videos. The free version works with clips of up to five minutes. You can upgrade to premium version for unlimited video length.

2. VideoShow

VideoShow is similar to VivaVideo except, this tool lets you download themes, sound effects and fonts for free. You can add animated frames and subtitles to the video. Incorporating photos, transition effects is quite simple with VideoShow. The app has a toolbar that contains additional editing functions like trimming a video, covering video to an MP3 file, compression of file size etc.

3. Reverse Movie FX

Reverse Movie FX is a simple app that coverts the video and plays it in reverse. The app has an option to remove the background audio and stitch original video to reversed one. It is gives a fun effect to the video. You can either record a new video using the app or reverse the pre-recorded one. 

4. Lapse It

Lapse It lets you record shoot photos continuously and create a video out of it. The video makes you feel like the time is moving really fast. You can set the rate at which frames are played. The tool comes with focus mode, exposure, color effects and white balance. You can record the video in three formats i.e., H.264, MP4 and MOV). It is very similar to scenes in movie where they showcase day transition into night in few fast moving frames. The free version lets you record videos in 480p resolution. You can buy pro version to record HD videos.

5. Trim Your Videos

Trim Your Videos is a simple but very useful tool for smartphone users. Most smartphones these days support HD recording. But, recording videos in 1080p results in large file sizes. You can view these videos on large TV screens but, it is not very easy to share large file size over social networks. You need to shrink the video size in such cases. Trim Your Videos helps you shrink and convert video files to compressed file format.

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10 Words Only Googlers Understand!

Tech giant, Google has a massive employee base of 40,000 all across the world. The company has succeeded in creating a world-class culture. All Googlers swear by the company philosophy and follow Google dialect across the globe. Today we have listed 10 keywords that only Googlers can understand.

1. Plex

Google’s HQ, the campus at Mountain View is called Googleplex. It’s shortened form is Plex.

2. GBike

Bicycle is the most preferred mode of transport in Google’s campus. The GBike is known for it’s colors. You can catch glimpse of these conference room bikes all around Google campus.

3. Stan

Google has it’s own T-Rex, it’s called Stan. The statue is to remind the company to never become a dinosaur. 

4. Noogler

If you are new to Google, you will be called a Noogler. It’s pronounced as ‘new-gler’. All Nooglers are given a Google colored cap.

5. Gayglers

Members of LGBT community and their supporters are called as Gayglers.

6. Greyglers

All the Google employees that are over 40 years old are called Greyglers. One of the prominent Greygler is Vint Cerf, he is a the chief internet evangelist at Google.

7. Xoogler

Xoogler is a shortened version for ex-Googler. Once a Google employee leaves Google, he is called Xoogler. It’s pronounced as ‘zoo-gler’. 

8. Googlegeist

Googlegeist is an annual survey at Google. Employees are asked to rate their managers and life at Google. More than 90% Googlers fill out Googlegeist every year.

9. Perf

Annual Perf is more of a performance review at Google. It determines rise or fall of Googlers in coming year. Google has more performance reviews that are supplementary to Perf.

10. TGIF

TGIF stands for ‘Thank God It’s Friday’. Google uses this word as the name of weekly all-hands meeting. Google started conducting these hour-long meeting in early days to keep track of performance. TGIF is now conducted over Google hangout worldwide. 

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5 Things To Remember While Buying A Used Smartphone

Buying a used smartphone could be an smart idea. You might end up getting an awesome deal. The awesome deal comes with its own checklist of cautions. You have to be very careful while buying a used smartphone. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind while buying second hand smartphone.

1. Ask for bill, box and accessories

Asking for bill assures the authenticity of purchase. It assures that the devices is not stolen. It also makes it easy for you to sell or replace it. The box helps you verify IMEI number. If seller doesn’t offer you original accessories, you can always negotiate the price.

2. 2 GB RAM

Smartphones with 2 GB RAM is must these days. The latest versions of operating systems require minimum 2 GB of RAM to support all the apps. There are plenty of smartphones under Rs 10,000 that come with 2 GB RAM, e.g., Lenovo A7000, Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime, Micromax Yu Yureka. It is important that your new phone should have minimum 2 GB of RAM. 

3. Check if it’s stolen

Many times sellers try to sell the stolen smartphone to unsuspecting customers. If that is the concern, demand for the box. There are very less chances that stolen device will have original box. If box is not available then, check phone’s IMEI number and run a search on 

4. Check the hardware

You must check the body properly for damages. It is important to dig deeper. If you are buying a smartphone in person then, try connecting the phone to laptop using USB cable. Check if it showing any issues while data transfer. You need to also check if the device catches network properly. Try inserting your SIM card and make phone calls, surf web and download few apps.

5. Prefer Paying via secure channel

If you are buying a used device online then, prefer secure payment channel like PayPal. It makes easier to get your money back in case you decide to return the product for some reason. If you are buying in person and paying by cash, don’t forget to ask for receipt. 

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8 Hidden Features Of iOS 9

Apple’s next generation, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are booming in the market. The smartphone comes with latest iOS 9. The latest OS brings tons of new features to iPhone. There are few new things that Siri can do for you. Some of these settings are hidden in plain sight. Today we have listed 8 such features of iOS 9.

1. Respond to text without unlocking the device

You need not unlock the device to respond to SMSs in new iOS 9. You can simply pull down the notification drawer, swipe left on the text notification and click on ‘Reply’ option. You can type the response and send across. 

2. Battery usage by apps

The new iOS version monitors the battery consumption by various apps. You can monitor why your iPhone’s battery is draining so fast. Head to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. 

3. Send self-destructing audio/video messages

You can now send audio and video messages that expire in 2 minutes of time. The feature is inspired from Snapchat. You can preset the destruction time to either 2 minutes or never. Head to Settings > Messages > Audio and Video Messages > Set expire time.

4. Share location

iPhone now lets you share your location with your friends. You can simply send your geotagged location to your friend via text message. Simply tap the ‘Details’ button in upper right corner of Messages thread and select ‘Send Location’.

5. Let your friends track where you go

If you want your friends or family member to track your move. You can follow same steps as previous instruction and choose ‘Share My Location ‘ instead of, ‘Send My Location’. You can also preset the time frame for location sharing. You can share your location for an hour, day or infinite time.

6. Mute text message notification

You can mute notifications for text messages coming from individual contact or conversations. Simply head over to ‘Details’ of the thread and toggle Do Not Disturb.

7. Forward text messages

You can simply forward text message to other contacts. Simply double tap specific message you want to forward and choose ‘More’ option. It will pop up ‘To’ field where you can input the name of the person and forward the message.

8. Hands-Free Siri

With new iOS version, you don’t necessarily have to hold the home button to launch Siri. You can simply say the phrase ‘Hey Siri’ to launch it. The feature is available by default only in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. To enable it, head over to Settings > General > Siri and toggle the button. 

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